Exotic Beach In Selayar Archipelago

7:16 AM
Traveonews - Selayar archipelago is one of the districts in South Sulawesi, which has 130 islands. No wonder that this district called himself the Islands District.

Travel Ideas

Many beautiful beaches in this Selayar. People can call Baloiya Beach, Je'neiya, Pabadilang, and the east coast that I have not been there. However, the idol are Gusung Island in the west.

The island was granted a white sandy beach which is very long. Sometimes beaches interrupted by a group of rocks that form the beach itself. To reach the Gusung Island, you have to rent joloro, a small boat that can accommodate up to 15 passengers. The rent is very cheap compared to other places.

There are also beach Malea, Timbula, and the most famous is the Liang Kareta. Average beach ramps and white sands. If it was not the west season, the waves were small.

Travel Ideas

The most exotic indeed Liang Kareta. The beach that forms a niche along about 200 meters, and is surrounded cliffs, making this beach as our own. Now there are stairs to the top of the cliff and provided some gazebo.

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