Seliu Island, Rarely Touched In The Pacific Islands

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Traveonews - Bangka Belitung Island has many beautiful beaches and islands. One that has not been known is Seliu Island. In addition to a "Pantai Tanjung Muara Buluh" Cape Coast Estuary Reed, you can also try fishing in the sea.

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If in Belitung, Tanjung Pandan is downtown. If you want to go to Bangka Island, you can fly from Jakarta that will takes time around one hour. If you want to go to Belitung you can also fly from Jakarta.

Many people are confused about the existence of these two islands, one name but different island. As well as the "Pantai Tanjung Tinggi" Cape Coast High, "Museum Kata", "Tanjung Kelayang" Cape Kelayang, Lengkuas Island and Kepayang Island, there is a beautiful island that called Seliu Island.

Beach, Travel ideas

This small island is inhabited by about 300 heads of families, and quite far from Tanjung Pandan. The islands are small, but it has beautiful beaches. Seliu Island is the producer of mango fruit, crackers and fresh fish.

Beach, Travel ideas

Oh yes, there is a cool name beaches of "Pantai Tanjung Muara Buluh" Cape Coast Estuary Reed. It only took 15 minutes to arrive at the white sandy beach which is fun for the water bath and play all day.

In addition to touring the island with fishing boat, you can get around the island using a bicycle belonging to citizens. Cycling along small children while enjoying the sunset at the edge of the dock.

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