5 Stunning Swimming Pools In San Diego

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Traveonews - Enjoy the holidays with a dip in the magnificent and beautiful pool, can be a fun and healthy recreation. A number of star hotels in the world, includes resort are scattered in an area of San Diego, even now complements its facilities with a swimming pool that is designed beautifully and have open plan punctuated the lagoon.

Each hotel, trying to attract visitors, by providing such facilities. The following are 5 stunning swimming pools in san diego.

La Costa Resort

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This stylish luxury resort located in the North of Spain and the city of Carlsbad. This place is very famous for golf, spa, and yoga, but the most impressive lately is the coolest pools and often used as family recreation.

In total there are eight ponds, including Sandy Beach Family Pool and Splash Landing Pools, water slides, featuring two 100 ft-high and one short-friendly slides for toddlers. In addition, there is a water play area, as well as clubs for children.

Hyatt Regency Mission Bay Spa and Marina

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Hyatt Regency Mission Bay has a playground and pool the activities of each of the three lagoon-shaped pools and one pool is dedicated only to children. The resort has a family swim party culture under the moonlight.

Not only that, you can also book a whale watching trips from the marina, or rent a jet ski, kayak, bicycle and boat trips are available to search for new experiences in Mission Bay.

Hilton San Diego Bayfront

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Hotels with 1.190 room just made a great new pool directly overlooking the San Diego Bay. This pond became the only saltwater pool that exists in the city.

In the vicinity there is a pool for children, which has slides and shallow water and equipped with a fountain as well as toys. Prove that sit on the edge of the pool is not only for adults, but children can also do it. You can also cycling, walking and roller-skating along the coast during the spring.

Retro hotel, Point Loma

San Diego, Destination, Travel Ideas

Retro hotel in Point Loma is very close to downtown San Diego. The hotel has a pleasant medieval style, complete with vintage Oyster shaped pool.

Every week, all year round, the hotel offers a film projection screen above the pool, as well as food and drink as well as services for children and adults.

Paradise Point

San Diego, Destination, Travel Ideas

Paradise Point feels like an island unto itself, although hidden across the Sea World. The hotel has 462 guestrooms are cosy family bungalow-style, and one mile from the beach there are five pools interspersed with lagoons and small garden.

In addition, this family-friendly swimming pool is much liked by children, such as, a swimming lagoon with waterfalls and Cascades on its own. Children can feed the ducks belong to the residents in laguna, and playing on the beach with sand shovel-ready form a sand Castle, playing volleyball, and much more.

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