75 Thousand Tulips Decorate Gardens By The Bay Singapore

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Traveonews - About 75,000 tulips of 43 varieties adorn the Dome in Flower Gardens by the Bay, the largest park in the city of the Lion. Here, you can find Black Parrot tulips, which resembles the lids are color plumage of parrots that are flamboyant.

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There is also a unique Mascotte tulip on the lids are recommended. When tulips usually have six petals, violet-colored tulips decorated "petals" in the form of additional white fringe tassel.

The presence of tulip's is a part of the holding of Tulipmania that lasted until May 10, upcoming. Instead of the usual tulips in there because everything is imported directly from the Netherlands.

All of these had previously been growing tulips for four years in his native country. Should be four years because at that time the tulip bloom so beautifully crafted.

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The journey from the Netherlands to the Gardens by the Bay in Singapore is over 10,000 kilometres. Given the tulip was not able to survive long outside its natural environment conditions, tulip-tulip should be up to the Dome in Flower Gardens by the Bay less than 24 hours.

As it travels through the air, the temperature of the cargo is maintained at a temperature of 2 to 4 degrees Celsius. Upon arrival, began the process of directly planting tulips. After the Tulips are planted, it takes about 3 to 5 days to bloom again.

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With care and proper growing conditions, tulip can bloom for up to 12 days. For optimal growth temperature in tulip, Flower Dome adjusted. During the period of Tulipmania, the temperature is lowered from 21 to 18 degrees Celsius. At night, the air temperature was lowered to 13 degrees Celsius.

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In addition to the exhibition of the tulips are mesmerizing, Tulipmania that entered it's third year this time it was graced by a wide range of other events. Start of course flower arrangement tulip, tulip free by Division of KLM Royal Dutch, and Tulipmania Cocktail at the Marina Bar & Bistro that features three types of refreshing mocktails are inspired by the beauty of the tulip.

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