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Traveonews - Switzerland was crowned as the happiest country in the world. World Happines Report a number of happines countries and make happiness rankings. Assessment based on the standard of living, the level of employment and of course the natural beauty.

Based on that, the World Happines Report put Switzerland at the top as the happiest country in the world with the beauty of its own. Here's the other happines countries.


Beautiful Country, Destination, View

Canada will bring tourists to venture past the patch of ice or archaeological sites and stunning Banff National Park. It made Canada become one of the tourist destinations that will make tourists happy.


Beautiful Country, Destination, View

Norway may not as luxurious when a tourist visiting the United Kingdom or France. But Norway, one of the most beautiful and can make happy for tourist who visit. Tourists will be invited to tour the cottage, fishing in the Fjord to see the beautiful view of the Sun.


Beautiful Country, Destination, View

Denmark had a unique way to attract tourists. In the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen, tourists can enjoy a tour around the city with a fun bike.


Beautiful Country, Destination, View

Iceland is fast becoming the most visited place in Europe, because the nature is very beautiful. Tourists will be happy while climbing a waterfall, take a dip in the Blue Lagoon and dive among the Islands.

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