Cliff Palace "Tebing Keraton", A Beauty That Will Make You Speechless

7:32 AM
Traveonews - Tebing Keraton in Bandung is popular among nature lovers and jocks. With the background of Bandung city and Juanda Forest from above cliffs is extraordinary beautiful palace seen or photographed. When word of the Sundanese, "geulis pisan".

View, Mountain, Indonesia.

You can use public transportation to the Terminal Dago, Bandung. The road to the location had been made, has been given the path, so that visitors do not find it difficult to get to the edge of the cliff.

View, Mountain, Indonesia.

Edge of the cliff into the location to witness the beauty of the natural landscape and some forest Juanda Bandung. Only words that came out was amazed at the Tebing Keraton.

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