Natural Sculptures In Ice Caves Of Iceland

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Traveonews - If visiting a tourist cave with stalagmites suspended may have been okay. How about a very cool ice caves?

Can You navigate the maze of ice in Iceland? Local guide and photographer Einar Runar Sigurosson has captured the moment a giant glacier Vatnajokull in Iceland.

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Every year, about 200 foreign tourists explore Europe's largest glacier cave which is located in the South of Iceland. Their purpose is the only one, enjoy the ice wall froze forming a maze of natural sculpture in ice caves of iceland.

Iceland, Destination, Travel Ideas

Ice giant teeth-shaped or large waves trapped in a maze of interconnected frozen. The atmosphere inside is very beautiful blue glow when it becomes due to the reflection of the sky and the Red even when the fire is lit on the inside.

Sigurosson took pictures on the South side of the Vatnajokull glacier covers more than 8100 square kilometers or more than 8 percent of Iceland and is estimated to have a volume of 3300 cubic kilometers.

Iceland, Destination, Travel Ideas

"In the autumn of every year we started searching the caves of ice for the winter," he said on his personal website.

"Usually we find the cave in several different locations on the South side of Vatnajokull," he added.

Sigurosson descended from Iceland, his grandfather's adventurous Pall Jonsson, joining the first group to climb the highest peak of Iceland, Hvannadalshnukur in 1891.

His father, Sigurour Bjarnason worked in farm flocks for bird watching and history tours in Ingolfshofdi in 1991. Sigurosson began travelling alone to the Summit of Hvannadalshnukur in 1994 and reached a record total of 275 mountaineering.

Iceland, Destination, Travel Ideas

He now runs it with his wife's ice caves tour is also his son. "Some of the caves we found is very stable and we can go in there in any weather, but others are less secure and may not even go there, although very beautiful," said Sigurosson.

The photographer explains, the caves are caves that can be accessed with the conditions below zero degrees. It is so that the water can freeze floor so tourists can walk into the cave.

The Glacial Caverns comes from geothermal springs that runs under the ice and more than 330 feet below the ground.

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