How Abu Dhabi Provided Convenience For Tourists

5:42 PM
Traveonews - Travel to Abu Dhabi is now easier. Because there are special guides for tourists who want to visit interesting places there.

The Abu Dhabi tourism police are committed to disseminate important information regarding regulations and procedures for travelling in Abu Dhabi. This was done to cultivate awareness among tourists.

The page reported by Emirates 24/7, tourism police hand out brochures and leaflets in 12 different languages for tourists. The contents of the rules and procedures for the behavior of trip in the city of Abu Dhabi.

This brochure contains informative materials in order to raise awareness about the traditions and customs of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). In addition, this step is also part of the standard development of tourism in order to understand a culture with tourists.

The head of The Police Criminal Investigation Department official, Lt. Col. Muzeed Al Otaibi, appealed to tourists not to hesitate asking for help to the tourism police.

"Tourism police are working diligently to reduce the negative circumstances that can affect the tourists while ensuring that tourists are not exploited or subjected to fraud," said Al-Otaibi.

This, he said, it should be noted for the sake of security and the convenience of the tourists.

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