Linau Beach In South Bengkulu, Still Virgin

5:59 AM
Traveonews - If you're stopping by to Bengkulu, try visiting Linau Beach in South Bengkulu. The beach is still a virgin and has not been touched by tourists. The water was clear and beautiful sunsetnya.

Beach, Indonesia, View

Only a few visitors who come to this beach. It was only the local community, or domestic tourists are very domestic (indigenous people of the area Bengkulu northern or other areas).

Beach, Indonesia, View

This beach name Linau Beach. Located in District Kaur, Kaur south, South Bengkulu. Very clean beaches, white sand and clear sea water at all, in fact we could see the ocean depths gradation of the coast was so crystal clear sea water.

Beach, Indonesia, View

The beach is directly connected with the Indian Ocean.

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