Lulut River, Venice Of South Kalimantan

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Traveonews - To feel the atmosphere of the river in front of the house by boat up and down, you do not need to go to Venice in Italy. Just come to the River Lulut in Banjarmasin. This Little Venice belongs to South Kalimantan.

Indonesia, River, View

Banjarmasin in South Kalimantan is known as the City of a Thousand Rivers. Travelers can see the rivers flowing over the land. In fact, the river becomes a place where most people make a living.

Almost all of the activities carried out in the river, ranging from transport to trading activity in the floating market. That's one of the charms of Banjarmasin in the eyes of tourists. Many tourists who come just to see the buying and selling activities on the river.

Indonesia, River, View

Even so, there was still another tourist attraction in Banjarmasin, namely the life of the river Area. One of the river is Lulut, District East Banjarmasin, Banjarmasin.

Travelers will be presented with a view of houses standing right on the edge of the river. Almost all houses are houses on stilts and made of wood. You can also stay in available homestay.

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