Nobita Hill In The Desert

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Traveonews - Padang city has a new tourist destinations that you should go. The name was Nobita hill, which is inspired by the cartoon Doraemon and displays beautiful panorama from a height.

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Padang city was shocked by the presence of hills that reportedly has similarities with the hill which is behind Nobita school, Doraemon film characters. From this hill, a view of the entire city of Padang can be seen clearly.

Late in 2014, it became so phenomenal hill dealt among young people of Padang through Social Media. They were so amazed by the view of the city of Padang on the height that looks beautiful, especially when the night, because the lights are so festive lights up, when viewed from the top of this hill.

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This hill is located in Kampung Jua, District Lubuk Begalung, Padang, West Sumatra. About 15 km from the city center, with a height of approximately more than 900 meters above sea level can be reached from two paths of Kampung Jua and Kampung Pinang Arai.

Regardless of the name has made phenomenal, Nobita Hill has panoramic cityschape which was amazing and enjoyable in different times. Its charm can be found either in the morning, evening and at night arrived with almost 180 degree view the city was evident in these hills.

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This hill became one of the best spots to enjoy the beauty of the city of Padang on the heights. From this hill is clearly visible expanse of buildings Padang to get to the ocean.

Nobita hill can be a recommendation for lovers of photography to record another angle panoramic view of the city of Padang on the heights.

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