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Traveonews - For lovers of Korea drama serial, "Winter Sonata" may already be familiar. But did you know, the making of the series, starring Bae Yong-joon and Choi Ji-woo is located on a small island named Namiseom Island or Nami?

Nami island located in Chuncheon, the capital of Gangwon Province, which is just an hour's drive from Seoul. Located in the middle of the Han River, a crescent-shaped island only has an area of 143,000 square meters. Though small, the island of Nami is one of Prima Donna tourism Korea especially since the appearance of the series in 2002 ago.

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Tourists who visit the island generally want a closer look at the location of the making of their favorite series. In addition to scenes reminiscent of the series, the natural beauty of the Nami  island becomes attraction for tourists, both foreign and local.

When spring arrives, the flowers and the trees are lined up neatly metasequoia will demonstrate natural beauty blooming. Very beautiful when used as background images. Nami island is just one example of the many of the tourist attractions offered by the Gangwon Province.

The second largest province in South Korea it had a charming nature and culture so very affectionate when passed when vacationing in the land of Ginseng. The Governor of Gangwon Province's Moon Choi Soon referred to as one of the tourist destinations that are quite popular in South Korea.

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Complete natural charm, from the magnificent stretch of mountains (nearly 82 percent of the area of Gangwon dominated mountains) to the beautiful beaches. No wonder, if the province is located on the East side of South Korea managed to attract more than 100 million tourists last year.

The predicted numbers will continue to rise, especially when the Gangwon Province to host the Winter Olympics in 2018 to come. In addition to its natural beauty, Gangwon is also has a culture not less uniquely.

Tourists can feel it directly in many festivals held in some areas in Gangwon Province. Starting from the Tomato Festival in Hwacheon, in Yangyang Salmon Festival, and the Festival's Gwanno Mask Dano. Don't miss the diversity of its cuisine which is unique and evocative taste.

Destination, Korea, Travel Ideas

June Lau, Gangwon, Marketing Manager, recommending Hwangtae Dried Fish. Although his name like this fish, dried fish altogether much different from dried salty fish which we know. Not in the Sun, this fish is dried without salt in winter for months.

"The original taste of the fish so more noticeably," June said. The fish is usually presented in the form of hot plate sauce or soup. There is also a raw salmon dishes namely Sancheoneo offering sweet taste on the tongue.

Also try Mulhoe because it is made from fresh fish and cuttlefish served as a cold soup. Restaurants serving seafood is usually concentrated in the coast. With so many types of seafood, it doesn't seem hard to find halal food in Gangwon. Some restaurants, particularly in Chuncheon, even been certified kosher.

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