The Bandung "Niagara Falls"

10:22 PM
Traveonews - Malela Waterfall located in the village of Cicadas, West Bandung, this is known as the mini Niagara Falls.

Waterfall, The Travelers Stories, Destination

Malela waterfall dubbed as Little Falls is indeed a bit different from the usual towering waterfall. Malela about 50 meters wide with a height of 60-70 meters.

Waterfall, The travelers Stories, Destination

Malela Waterfall is the top of a series from seven tiered waterfall along one kilometer. The sequence is Malela waterfall, Katumiri waterfall, Manglid waterfall, Ngeubul waterfall, Sumpel waterfall, Palisir waterfall and closed with a Pameungpeuk waterfall.

Waterfall, The travelers Stories, Destination

Heading into this waterfall takes time and physical preparation. Long journey from Bandung itself takes about 3 hours, route-Bandung-Cimahi Cililin-Spring-Bunijaya Kerta, then go to the tea plantation area Montaya.

Here we have to leave the car at the houses of citizens because of the condition of the road ahead is rough and narrow.

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