The Beauty Of The Ancient Cities In The World

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Traveonews - Few countries in the world save the beauty of tours on ancient cities. The ruins of buildings and historical objects attracted the curiosity of tourists to explore it. These ancient cities in the world that are interesting to visit.

Al Fayyum, Egypt

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Inhabited since 4000 Bce (BC), Al Fayyum Egypt became the center of Ancient life. In the past, local residents still worship the crocodiles are considered sacred called petsuchos. Now, travelers can find bazaar, the mosques and public baths which attract many tourists visited.

Sidon, Lebanon

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Predicate as the oldest city in Phoenicia, Sidon inhabited since 4000 BC and according to the story, formerly of St Paul and Alexander the great visited Sidon. Now, travelers can enjoy the building of mosques and the ruins of ancient buildings at the edge of the sea.

Plovdiv, Bulgaria

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Before becoming a Roman town, Plovdiv was a Tracian settlement since 4000 BC, the town was Later taken over by the Byzantines and the Ottomans until finally returning to become part of Bulgaria. However, visitors can see the remains of the Roman amphitheatre building, Ottoman baths and aqueducts.

Gaziantep, Turkey

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Visiting Syria's borders, we are greeted with a history of Gaziantep, Turkey. The city was settled since the 3650 BC and the rest of his legacy is to be found in the city centre.

Beirut, Lebanon

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Beirut begins inhabited by residents since 3000 BC by the Romans and the Arabs. Remains of this ancient city are now living in the middle of downtown Lebanon who became an attraction for tourists.

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