The Beauty Of The Band-E Amir Lake

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Traveonews - Some people describe Afghanistan as the country is dry and arid, with mountainous areas, deserts, endless Bush of thorns and mud houses. But, in the Middle catchment landscape aridity, there is a series of spectacular blue water lake that looks almost like ink.

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The beauty of the Band-E Amir lake was a series of six lakes located in the heart of Afghanistan. The Lake is located in the foothills of the Hindu Kush, the second highest mountain in the world. The distance is 80 kilometers from the ancient city of Bamyan. That location is surrounded by the towering cliffs of pink.

Afghanistan, Destination, Travel Ideas

The beautiful Lake contains carbon dioxide-rich water from the springs around the mountain, and out of the cracks of the rock. The water seeps out slowly through the limestone, dissolves minerals, primarily calcium carbonate.

In addition, Band-e Amir save hard coating containing minerals, derived from the dam the water trapped in the great basin. The dam is 10 meters high and 3 meters wide.

The blue color of the Lake is derived from the clarity of the water just below the clouds. The high mineral content of the Lake also led to intense and varied colors of the waters of the Lake.

Afghanistan, Destination, Travel Ideas

Of the six Lakes, Band-e Panir is the smallest with a diameter of about 100 meters (330 feet). And the biggest one is the Band-e Zulfiqar approximately 6.5 kilometres long. However, there are the most easily accessible are Band-e Haibat, literally-translated as the Dam of Awe.

Band-e-Amir has become a destination for tourists since the 1950's. the National Park into a Lake in 2009. You need to know, the beauty of the Lake jewel was recognized much earlier, in 1960.

Afghanistan, Destination, Travel Ideas

However, due to the instability of the Government at the time, Band-e Amir are not recognized as a national park. Covering an area of about 230 square meters, Band-e Amir Lake is the first and only national park of Afghanistan and was crowned as World Heritage list of UNESCO.

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