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Traveonews - Caribbean has been a favorite destination for travelers, because environmental friendly and magnificent scenery. Caribbean is also one of the safest holiday destination for millions of tourists every year.

Every year, thousands of families flock to the Caribbean, with an overnight stay in the resorts have facilities for their children. The following four best resort for families while on the Caribbean.

Boscobel Beach, Jamaica

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Boscobel Beach in Ocho Rios, Jamaica has a sandy beach and a very cool slides. In addition, in here you can enjoy food, games, and activities for free, because all is included the cost of lodging. Beaches Boscobel boasts excellent features an outdoor pool, a pool bar that serves a strawberry daiquiri.

Buccaneer Creek, Martinique

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In the area there are the hotel Martinique Buccaneer Creek in the stretch of stunning, sandy beach at Baie du Marin, who became heaven for scuba diving. There is Creole culture in the resort, that is have fun at Club Med on the altitude. All free, because it includes the cost of staying overnight diBuccaneer Creek. The resort also invite families with open arms, and bring the kids enjoy a piece of heaven.

Franklyn D. Resort, Jamaica

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The resort is an ideal way to enjoy the flavors of Jamaica as a family. The Yellow Bird Club is one of the places of adventure for children to perform daily activities. Visitors can accessthe snorkeling in calm waters and enjoy the atmosphere with a beautiful panorama. All the facilities here include the cost of staying overnight.

Paradisus Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

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Dominican Republic recently created a program of zone kid for the kids and it was followed by the Program's Paradisus Punta Cana Resort designed for babies and preschoolers who are part of the package. Lots of fun activities that can be performed by children, such as riding a horse, playing tennis table and beach volleyball.

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