The Lakes 'Shrink' In The Desert Of Mongolia

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Traveonews - Badain Jaran desert is a desert in China which is located between the provinces of Gansu, Ningxia and Mongolia. This Desert area of about 49,000 square kilometres. In the Desert there is the highest dunes in the world.

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Some of the Hill reaches an altitude of 500 metres or 1,600 feet. Badain Jaran has a very dry climate with annual rainfall of between 50-60 mm. Nearly 40-80 times of rainfall will evaporate away before falling as rain.

China, Destination, Lake

Reported by the Amusing Planet although conditions dried desert, one of the most remarkable features of the Badain Jaran is nearly 140 permanent Lake which is situated between the dunes. The lakes are believed to be united by an underground spring water that flows beneath the gravel and appears between the dunes.

China, Destination, Lake

As for the water in the lake, the source of the desert is believed to come from the rain, as well as plenty of water the mountains not far from the desert. Although the issue of fresh water springs, most of the salty water at a high rate of evaporation.

There are several lakes now changes color due to the large population of algae, microorganisms and minerals. Evaporation also has caused some of this lake forms the crust of salt around the edge of the lake.

China, Destination, Lake

This freshwater lake provides profit as oasis around the desert for a life of camels, goats and horses being herded by the travellers walking through the desert. Most of the Lake also forms a ring of green vegetation that fills approximately near the Lake.

In recent decades, some of these lakes have shrunk or even disappear, due to the reduction of soil water brought by urbanization, irrigation, water diversion, and increasing population affecting local ecosystems.

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