The Most Beautiful City Parks In The World

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Traveonews - In addition to absorbing useful as pollution, parks are neatly laid also beautify the city environment. Here are the most beautiful city parks in the world.

Griffith Park, Los Angeles

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Griffith Park is located in the Los Feliz in Los Angeles and is one of the largest city park in the United States. To see the most epic scenery, you can head to the observatory, located at the top and gazing around the city of Los Angeles to see a giant Hollywood writing.

Park Guell, Barcelona

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One of the world famous architect, Antoni Gaudi, leave a lasting and impressive work in Barcelona, Spain. His work is a city park of the world famous Park Guell, IE. Decorated with ceramic tiles and designs are a bit weird, visitors can enjoy the view of the northern part of the city of Barcelona and the blue waters of the Barceloneta beach.

Ueno Park, Tokyo

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Ueno was one of the first public parks in Japan and have the flora, fauna, ancient temples and several museums in it. Every spring, the Park became the location of Tokyo's cherry blossoms Festival. Visitors can walk around the garden full of trees with pink blossoms that.

Hyde Park, London

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Hyde Park is one of the eight Royal Parks are wonderful and most often visited. The Park is bounded by Kensington Garden and have serpentine, jogging trails and a relaxing place.

Central Park, New York

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The existence of Central Park in New York as an oasis in the middle of the concrete jungle of Manhattan. During the summer, visitors can explore the fountains, statues, strolling and picnicking at the Sheep Meadow or Great Lawn. While in the winter, visitors can perform activities such as ice skating, rides on horse-drawn carriage, and ordered dinner at Tavern on the Green.

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