The Oldest Cities In The World

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Traveonews - A number of countries have cities that maintain the ancient buildings. However, it turns out the oldest cities in the world. Here the oldest cities in the world.

Jericho in Palestine

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Jericho in the Palestinian territories got the Crown as the world's oldest continuously inhabited since 9000 years BCE (BC). Now, the city of Jericho is home to around 20,000 people.

Byblos, Lebanon

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Byblos was founded by the people of Greece who called himself Gebal in 5000 BC. If we now, you will come across the ancient Phoenician Temple, Byblos Castle and the Church of St. John.

Aleppo, Syria

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Currently, Aleppo is a town in Syria inhabited more than 4.4 million inhabitants. The city is believed to have been appearing since the year 4300 BC. from evidence of ancient buildings were untouched.

Damascus, Syria

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The population of Damascus was inhabited as early as 4300 BC, though some claim it was inhabited since 10,000 BC, Damascus was one of the areas that were Alexander the great and historical tourist destination is now the most popular in the world.

Susa, Iran

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Inhabited since the year 4200 BC. Susa was the capital of the Assyrian Empire, Elam to take it. Now, Susa as a tourist destination with history Persian war theatre and Athens.

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