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Traveonews - Japan Tourism Ministry conducted a survey recently and some interesting things which became a trend of foreign tourists why they go to Japan.

The survey via Twitter tweets, with the Sphinx name individual attendant. Some interesting things about Japan for foreigners coming to Japan among others to enjoy sushi, ramen, animation, super potato and so on.

Japan, Destination, Travel Ideas

The survey targeting foreign tourists to visit Japan between November and December last year, with the smartphone through Twitter. The three golden triangle of the city became the most popular among foreign tourists to Japan, Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka. Not to mention Nagoya or other cities in Japan such as the results of previous research.

The most famous food turns out Sushi, in addition to the Ramen or noodle of Japan also generally in Japan using pigs. For foreign tourists who visit Akihabara in Tokyo are generally well known to the world of animation and maidcafe (Cafe staff woman dressed like a maid).

Japan, Destination, Travel Ideas

Apparently the otaku culture also make Japan as its target. For example, otaku toy car Tamiya Game (game) both Nintendo, Sega, manga (comics), the heavy Gundam lovers, and so on. In this case turned out to be the most popular souvenir is the taste of green tea, chocolate or banana cakes and sweets etc.

Ministry tourism Japan doing this survey this time seriously because trying to build new tourist routes are to attract foreign tourists to various other cities. The main goal of achieving targets and tourists to 20 million people a year by 2020.

Japan, Destination, Travel Ideas

Currently new 13 million people visit Japan annually by 2014. If the target is reached by 2020 to be at least 20 million people? We see it later when the Olympics 2020 in Tokyo Japan.

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