World Peace Monument in Ambon

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Traveonews - Ambon past racial conflict that had suffered casualties. But not anymore, Ambon has been transformed into a city of peace. The proof is the World Peace Gong Monument in Ambon.

Destination, Indonesia

World Peace Gong Monument in Ambon was clear evidence of the condition of Ambon peaceful now. This monument was inaugurated by the President on November 25, 2009 ago.

The World Peace Gong monuments exist in several other countries, as well as some places in Indonesia, which formerly had a prolonged conflict. In Ambon alone, the World Peace Gong Monument was established in memory of human conflict that occurred 15 years ago.

Destination, Indonesia

The goal is of course to keep the brotherhood. World Peace Gong located at Pelita Square, Ambon. Gong with a diameter of 2 meters wide and has become the pride of golden city of Ambon and even Indonesia. This monument is proof that peace can happen.

In peace gong pinned all religions and world flags. Propped up two giant pillars, above there is also a symbol gong ideology of Pancasila as the nation of Indonesia. There was a traveler visiting this place to take pictures and see the splendor of the World Peace Gong Monument from near.

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