Desert Oasis In Yogyakarta

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Traveonews - In addition to culture, natural beauty of Yogyakarta also deserves to be admired. One interesting place was Pemandian Tirta Budi or Blue Lagoon. Called Blue Lagoon because the water is blue and clear like an oasis in the desert.

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Nothing new from Yogyakarta, a bathing pool with water so clear and able to refresh your days during a visit to Yogya. Blue Lagoon is a must visit when you go to Yogya, but still less famous of Goa Pindul, Prambanan, Parangtritis and Taman Sari. Understandably, the new Blue Lagoon became popular in the mid-2014 past.

Actually, the original name of this beautiful place is Pemandian Tirta Budi, but because the water is very clear until you can see the color combination of blue and turquoise from the surface, then designation as the Blue Lagoon or the blue lagoon. There is a small shower in the middle of flowing water from a bamboo rod.

The bathhouse was once used by local people for daily activities, but because of the beauty of this place eventually many people who are interested to visit and take a shower there.

Although the size of the pool at the Blue Lagoon is not big, there are unique here, namely the small fish in it. If our bodies are in this pool, prepare the forces of small fish approaching. But do not worry, the fish are not as terrible as you know like piranha fish, instead we will feel the sensation of our skin soft bitten a bit like a fish spa therapy.

Surely getting an amazing experience if you soak in the Blue Lagoon. In addition to the water felt cool and refreshing, leafy trees around the pool increase your coolness and shade, perfect eliminate fatigue after a day of walking around Yogya.

Refresh your day at the Blue Lagoon, desert oasis in Yogyakarta, this hidden paradise is a new way to enjoy the natural beauty of the city of Yogyakarta. If you are interested to visit, the location is in Widodomartani, Ngemplak, Sleman.

You can be able to find these hidden beautiful oasis in Yogya. Happy traveling!

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