Emirates Private Luxury Suite

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Traveonews - The airline from the Middle East, Emirates, wanted to create a private luxury suite inside the aircraft to add to the comfort of the passengers.

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According to Bloomberg, Emirates airline and the world's largest international routes will introduce first-class cabin, Emirates private luxury suite, that allows its passengers got more comfortable with the privacy of commercial fare.

This product was originally to be launched at the Airbus A380 NV Group followed by a Boeing 777. It was presented by Sheikh Majid Al Mualla as Division senior Vice President commercial operations, the Emirates told reporters in Dubai.

Last year, Emirates President Tim Clark said that they will develop a first-class product the more exclusive based on the concept of the room. His statement comes after the number three regional airlines, Etihad Airways of Abu Dhabi PJSC launches cabin residence in their first A380, complete with Butler and three rooms in may 2014.

Etihad Airlines launched its first residence suites their last year at a cost of USD20 for one-time travel with route London-Abu Dhabi. Residence suite includes three room suite with a bedroom, a bathroom, and a private Butler.

All of that is reported to have sold out in the first 10 months before it was launched. After this, the Emirates is rumored to be switching to make project to train cars with individual beds.

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