Gedong Songo, The Temple With Beautiful Background

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Traveonews - Gedong Songo Temple is a temple complex on the slopes of Mount Ungaran, Bandungan, Semarang regency, Central Java.

The temple complex is truly beautiful with green mountains in the background, that is why Gedong Songo is famous as the temple with beautiful background. If you're on a vacation to Semarang this place can be a travel ideas for families and also travel ideas adventure.

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As a tourist attraction temple in Central Java, the name Gedong Songo still less popular with the temples of Prambanan and Borobudur. But if you talk about beauty, it is no less beautiful temple with Prambanan and Borobudur.

This temple complex called the Gedong Songo because it has about nine temples. Around the year 1804, as the inventor of complex Rafles Gedong Songo initially only find 7 temple which was then named Gedong Pitu.

Later in the year 1908-1911 Dutch archaeologists do research to finally find two other temples. The name of the temple was changed to Gedong Songo. The construction of the temple is estimated to be in the days of the Sailendra dynasty.

The interesting thing of Gedong Songo not just because of the amount of the temple, but because here there are hot springs originating from Mount Ungaran. Not only that, the beauty also surrounds every corner of this temple.

We can find a charming flower beds around the temple. And because of this temple is located on a plateau, the landscape around is amazing. Feeling tired to walk up and down the stairs to the temple area as if lost.

Well, if a visit to Semarang not hurt to stop by to Gedong Songo. From the center of the city, the temple is accessible by motor vehicle about 45 minutes. The journey to the temple is not so difficult, you know.

Gedong Songo is part of the beauty of the slopes of unforgettable Mount Ungaran. So Gedong Songo can be one of travel destination ideas if you go to Indonesia.

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