Hidden Travel Destination Countries

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Traveonews - Although not as popular as other destinations, these hidden countries are very beautiful. Have you ever imagined going to a country which is not known to many people?

Yes, there are some states 'hidden' in the world with natural beauty secrets with beautiful islands, unique culture and wild forests. Here are the hidden travel destination countries that is worth a visit.


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Directly borders with Brazil, Guyana save no less exotic panorama with Samba State. In this place, you can taste a new adventure to explore the rain forest, experience climbing to the heart. However, if reaching them, there was a possibility you will meet with the new plant and animal species are endangered.


Forget for a moment of modern life and go to this one country. Open to tourists since 1974, most places in Bhutan can only be accessed by foot. However, you are advised not to walk alone in this country. You should follow the official travel agent to get the right guide.


For rock climbers and snow fans may have heard or even visited Tajikistan earlier. But very few people visit the smallest country in Central Asia.

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