Kayakoy The Hollywood Movie Filming Locations

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Traveonews - In his latest film, The Water Diviner, Russell Crowe plays the role of farmers in Australia, Joshua Connor, who travelled to Turkey to find out the fate of his son.

One of the film's shooting location is Mustafa in Kayakoy, Turkey, surrounded by hundreds of stone houses. They are neatly lined up on a hillside. Film crew chose the area because Kayakoy very charming.

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It has many tourist to that archaeological site which is protected since the 1980s. Louis de Bernières, author of the novel "Birds Without Wings", claimed to be inspired by a lot of beautiful buildings there.

After entering the town, guests will see a variety of restaurants and souvenirs stalls. Not far from this location, guests will find a small church, where Crowe doing filming there.

But it turned out to be not just a Crow is the only actor who ever filming there. Daniel Craig, the James Bond also has lived in here while filming Skyfall.

One of the best views of the scene from the movie, is the beach of Calis Beach Koca location not far from Kayakoy. So, it is no surprising if Kayakoy called the hollywood movie filming locations.

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