Mangrove Forests Location In Surabaya

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Traveonews - Acording to traveler stories from Surabaya, Indonesia, lately mangrove travel sites are crowded by tourists in Surabaya.

What people don't know is that Surabaya also had a similar, equally exist with that in Jakarta. And it also can be one of travel ideas for families and also travel ideas adventure.Ecotourism Mangrove Wonorejo been there since a few years ago.

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To get there, the reference of the IIC MERR Bridge towards STIKOM way down the riverbank to find housing Green clover. From there turn right around 200m and turn left to follow the existing road to find a parking spot on the side of the road. All vehicles must park there unless the employee. For admission cost is Rp. 2,000 to Rp. 3,000 (IDR) for motorcycles and cars.

To get to the supplied dock wooden bridge in the middle of the mangrove forest is approximately 100 meters. At the end of the bridge there is a food center that sells a variety of drinks and snacks, there are also a few stalls that sell a variety of rice menu. Right in the middle of a row of buildings that are eco-tourism dock.

There are two options to choose from, the first just walks around the dock. There is a jogging track on the far end of the building dock, we can walk on the wooden bridge along the waterfront along the mangrove forest.

Before entering the jogging track we will be greeted by some monkeys were tied to a tree. Possible to welcome guests. Jogging tracks are quite long with a typical view of the mangrove forest.

The second option is a boat ride and a walk in the gazebo at the river mouth. For the boat ride we have to pay Rp. 25,000 for adult and Rp. 15,000 for children. Can also hire a private speedboat for Rp. 300,000 for 6 people. Usually they wait until a full boat, approximately up to 30 new people went to the gazebo. The distance between the main pier with gazebo dock about 15 minutes away.

Many Blekok birds on the way. They flew in between the branches of mangrove. If the boat is being kind, the officer usually played first so we could see the island of Madura from there. And then back to the dock gazebo made of bamboo. From the pier can walk to several existing gazebo. Toilets are available near the pier, for those who want to pray also been provided mosque made of bamboo.

Along the way to the gazebo us down a path that stage made of woven bamboo, in the left-right is the mangrove forest. Available gazebo donated by several government agencies and companies. They call it gazebo Polrestabes Surabaya, Korem 084 Bhaskara Jaya and there is also a gazebo and Pertamina East Java Bhayangkari seen most large in size. Every gazebo has its own sights as the distance between each other pretty much.

The most interesting is owned by Pertamina as multilevel gazebo. So, we could see the beach in the distance from the top. In the gazebo we can also sit and enjoy the sea breeze comfortable. If already bored could move to another gazebo or back to the dock and then proceed to the main dock.

To return to the main pier, we had to wait for the boat shuttle. So every ship that comes, in addition to delivering new travelers also pick up tourists who want to go home. To return to the parking lot we have to go through the same way as we came in. So, come to mangrove forests location in Surabaya, enjoy the new kind of adventure for you and your family.

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