Raja Ampat Underwater Heaven

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Traveonews - This is the prima donna of the Papua island. Raja Ampat in West Papua visited by a traveler from all over the world. They were enchanted by the magic of the underwater paradise ranging from coral reefs to exotic fish.

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Travelling Raja Ampat seems a dream for many  traveler, beauty landscape plus fascinating underwater scenery becomes allure for tourists. Being in Raja Ampat, West Papua, this is the best place to dive with pristine biodiversity.

I had the opportunity to visit this place some time ago. Raja Ampat Islands has an area of ​​4.6 million hectares across land and sea, is a haven for 540 species of coral, 1,511 species of fish, and 700 species of molluscs. Be prepared for an unforgettable experience of your lifetime when you dive in Raja Ampat dazzling sea.

If a traveler wants to get a thrill, dive or snorkel at this place has become a necessity. Only in Raja Ampat you can be close to a group of manta fish and turtles, and explore shipwrecks.

Astounding natural treat that became the pride of Indonesia in the eyes of the world. Raja Ampat has four main islands and hundreds exotic small islands around it, you can rent a fishermen small boat to settle around the islands.

In addition to underwater beauty, Raja Ampat also has other natural beauty in the form of a variety of unique fauna like cenderawasih, red cenderawasih, maleo waigeo, and kus-kus.

To get to the Raja Ampat You can use the flight to Sorong, then traveler continue using speed boat and length boat. The rental price for a group of speed boat is Rp. 2,000,000 (IDR) for 15 people and it takes about 1 hour 40 minutes, while the length of the boat rental price is Rp. 1,200,000 million with a maximum of 10 passengers and takes about 2-3 hours.

To support the activities of your tour, in Raja Ampat is also available various types of accommodation, ranging from the resort to the hotel. Some lodgings include such Sorido Bay Resort that famous for its coral reefs, island campsite, Kri Eco Resort is a traditional resort built above the water and the Boathouse or houseboat.

Raja Ampat is not yet a common tourist sites so it is still limited. More or less you have to prepare around Rp 10,000,000 to be able to enjoy the resort and natural underwater paradise Raja Ampat, although fairly expensive but it does woth it for a traveler who love natural beauty. Outstanding natural scenery and infinite satisfaction for the huge costs that we incur.

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