Roller Coaster Bridge In Japan

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Traveonews - Japan now has a bridge that looks like a roller coaster. This bridge looks intimidating to ordinary motorists.

That bridge is connecting between the city of Matsue and Sakaiminato and named Eshima Ohashi. It was constructed so it looks like a roller coaster.

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Built with a height 44 meters, the bridge structure was designed in order to give way for fishing boats to pass underneath, with a length of roughly one kilometer. No wonder many people describe it as a roller coaster bridge.

For riders who have the high adrenaline, this bridge is not a problem. So with spirited adventurer who wanted riders to extreme sensations, the bridge is worth a try.

However, it is not entirely Ohashi Eshima steep. On one side of Lake Nakaumi, approaching the bridge position is quite steep. While on the other hand, only half that looks so steep.

So, you could try driving through the bridge. So if you wanna try the sensation while you are driving, come to roller coaster bridge in Japan.

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