The Equator Monument

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Traveonews - There are unique place in Pontianak, West Kalimantan. Standing in a landmark called the Equator Monument, that can make your shadow disappear.

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Wow! Well, apparently it can only happen at certain times just exactly when the sun is at the culmination point. At that moment, the sun is located right on the Equator. When standing right on the Equator, there will be no shade in sight.

During the year, this natural phenomenon occurs twice, in late March and September. When the culmination point, now generally held to enliven the event. In addition to the shadow can disappear, visitors can also see the phenomenon of eggs that can stand in the area of ​​the Equator Monument.

Then how can stand on Jl Equator Equator Monument, Pontianak? It began in 1928, when a group of Dutch international expedition arrived in London. Their goal is to establish the point of the equator in the city. In the same year, Equator monument built in the form of milestones and the arrow on it.

In 1930, the monument is enhanced with the addition of a circle at the top of the monument. Eight years later, the monument re-refined using purchase wood (typical of West Kalimantan iron wood) with a height of 4.4 meters.

1990, made the dome and duplicate monument measuring 5 times larger than the original. Both of these monuments, both native and monuments, have writing plate under the arrows showing the location of the Equator Monument at east longitude.

Be the Equator Monument, which was inaugurated by the Governor of West Kalimantan then the Parjoko Suryokusumo on 21 September 1991. Now, Equator monument complex is protected by Article 26 of the Law of the Republic of Indonesia No. 5 of 1992 on Heritage Objects.

But now, its equatorial line has been shifted 117 meters to the south. Although the Equator monument is not moved, but no iron bars indicating the current Equator.

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