The Hercules Crown Collapse!

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Traveonews - For me this is a tragic news, one of a famous tourist attraction in Italy, a statue of Hercules at the Court of Cremona suffered damage.

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The Hercules Crown Collapse. Unfortunately, the collapse of the Crown of the statue of Hercules were caused by a pair of tourists who climb up the statue of Hercules to do selfie. According to the newspaper Corriere della Sera of Milan, it causes a piece of Crown collapsed and smashed to pieces on the ground.

Statue of two Hercules is a symbol of the city. The experts have brought the ruins Crown and assess the damage and determine whether the statue can be fixed or not. The newspaper Corriere della Sera of Milan said that the statue was built in the early 1700s and first displayed at the top of the city gate.

The statue was later moved to the city in The Loggia dei Militi since 1962. The Palace itself was once occupied by a militia of Cremona, and was completed in the year 1292.

This cases is not the first time. In April, a woman Japan indicted by police after writing her name and her date in the dome of Florence Cathedral using pencil eyeliner.

A month earlier, the second woman from California were arrested because of their initials carved on the walls of the Colosseum in Rome and a lot more destruction in other historic places in Italy.

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