The Most Dangerous Places In The World

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Traveonews - Each tour will not only bring pleasure, but also the death of a tourist. Therefore, some places can be very dangerous for tourists.

Here are the most dangerous places in the world. Here we give you the most dangerous places in the world.

Grand Canyon

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The Grand Canyon is one of the most popular tourist sites in the world. However, the tourists must be careful when on a vacation to the Grand Canyon, because as many as 600 deaths have occurred over the years here. Most tourist died of dehydration than fall from the Canyon or ravine.

Mont Blanc France

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With an average of 100 climbers die each year, Mont Blanc is one of the sights to look out for in Europe. Most climbers consider Mont Blanc were defeated easily, but most of them just get lost and declared lost and died.

Banzai, Hawaii

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Hawaii does not have always been a paradise for surfers, as many who have experienced any loss of lives. Many experienced surfer died while trying to conquer the deadly waves in Banzai, Hawai.


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One of the popular destinations in Spain are Ibiza, but almost every year the death of foreigners cannot be avoided. Ibiza is home to tourists who are fond of partying on the beach. Therefore, the majority of tourist deaths caused by drugs, alcohol and sunk at sea.

The Death Road In Bolivia

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One of the popular tourist destinations in Bolivia is North Yungus Road or known by the nickname Death Road. Like her nickname, it records the death of 300 travelers each year. It has a single lane road climbs almost five kilometers with several sharp turns between the mountains.

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