Tracing Nature Trail In Ireland Tours

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Traveonews - Enjoy the beauty of nature is a way of how someone appreciate nature that gave life. A visit to Ireland is a very precise taste, if you are a lover of natural beauty this can be travel destination ideas for you.

Various packages are offered for nature lovers. Visitors will be enchanted by the natural beauty this country has to offer. So, where are the natural beauty that is in Ireland, following is the review tracing nature trail in Ireland tours.

Kerry Way

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One of the most popular travel spots in Ireland. The place is often referred to as a historic trip, because it brings pedestrians passing lane that offers beauty, one of which look stunning Iveragh Peninsula.

Some flora and fauna inhabit this place, like sub-tropical plants along the way. You will see a giant ferns and palms right beside the rhododendron bushes.

Beara Way, County Kerry

This place is next door neighbor Kerry Way and is a vacation spot that is much quieter, offers equally beautiful scenery on the way. This place stretches over 120 miles, and you can choose the path you want.

Along the way you will pass a journey through the hills and old bog roads, or explore the abandoned copper mine. Do not worry, though because 38 percent of the trails are closed the main road, but this place has a rocky coastline, it is perfect for a holiday.

Way Connemara, County Galway

A place not so long about 49 miles, which starts from Oughterard and stretches as far as Westport in County Mayo. This area has the most beautiful and quiet countryside in this country. Connemara means "The Conmaicne Sea Tribe".

Area stretches from Galway Bay to Killary Harbor and bound to the east of Lough Corrib and Lough Mask. Along the way you'll see peaks above the glittering quartz swamps and small loughs, but beware there will be an average rainfall of 1,700 millimeters. Only 30 percent of this road impassable pedestrian.

Dingle Way

This one may not be for nature lovers beginners, but if you dare, you can explore it. This place stretches more than 112 miles and is one of the national first for walkers. Visitors will pass through the coast. The most dramatic part that activity down about 1,200 feet across the shoulders between Ballydavid Mount Brandon and Cloghane.

The peninsula where many decorated remainder spread of Christianity, such as paper speech, megalithic tombstones, crosses high, beehive hut, monastic enclosure. This place also have the beautiful white sandy beaches, temperate Gulf Stream climate is moderate.

In addition, this place is also home to flora, such as montbretia, and fuchsia. This place is truly amazing and 40 percent of the way this can be done by walkers.

Sheeps Head Way, County Cork

Sheeps Head Way trip begins in Bantry and take you to the end of the Sheeps Head peninsula. The entire journey takes about 55 miles. Cork is an amazingly beautiful place, because it is much visited by tourists and the people of Ireland.

However, Sheep is the most visited part of Cork because of this wonderful place. Along the way will find some climbs, especially ridge and the beach. The terrain is very varied and very wide, made the trip very comfortable and quiet.

Wicklow Way

Wicklow way stretches along 83 miles through the Wicklow Mountains to the outskirts of the city of Dublin. Some people prefer to walk from the west to the south Wicklow Way to get a sense of the beautiful and serene countryside. The middle part of the road is covered by the Wicklow Mountains National Park, the head office is located in Glendalough and worth visiting.

The route will pass through the Military Road which was built by the British in the early 19th century to gain access to the lower area of ​​the Irish rebel areas hiding inside. Wicklow is known as Taman Indah Ireland and fertile valleys and spectacular mountains are impressive. Approximately 20 percent of the trails are paved nature.

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