Natural Beauty Of Alta Verapaz

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Traveonews - When you traveled to Guatemala, you should not miss the beauty of the sights on this one. Right in the middle of a forest in the Alta Verapaz, there is a hidden natural beauty that is so fascinating and amazing.

Semuc Campei, a row of rocks forming clusters like terracing in the paddies, which is really beautiful to the eye. Green plants terraces along the 300 meters, bring the flow of water directly from the river Cahabon, which was not far from there.

Through the sense of sight alone, visitors are spoiled with views of waterfalls Semuc Campei, the name is taken from the local language, which means holy water. Moreover, it lies in forest areas, making the surrounding air clean and so refreshing.

It was located 11 kilometers from the southern city of Q'eqchi Maya, it is the best travel destination for those who love the beauty of nature. The water is clear and refreshing, it also became one of the factors that led to this great spot, to be used as an outdoor playground.

In order to reach the location of this beautiful waterfall, you have to go through a long journey, which is a 4 hour journey from downtown Guatemala. Thirty minutes from the mountain road and a 20 minute walk, until finally arriving at the beautiful and charming place.

Still, natural beauty is unparalleled, making visitors who come willing to go through hard journey, because the landscape is truly worth it. The spot is the most preferred, because of its natural beauty, specially the very top of the waterfall called EL Miador. However, getting there is not easy, because you will be faced with a steep road that is a habitat of wild monkeys and some types of poisonous spiders.

Clear turquoise water, the boisterous sound of splashing water is soothing, as well as the cool and clean air from the shady trees, will bring your imagination drift. No wonder this place is famous with the name natural beauty of Alta Verapaz.

If visiting there, equip yourself with the tools that are appropriate, in order to avoid accidents which occurred during the trip.

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