Caminito del Rey, Most Horror Path In the World

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Caminito del Rey, Most Horror Path In the World. Very horrible indeed walking through a footpath at the altitude even though with full security procedures.

But if you want to test the ' guts ', you could try Caminito del Rey in Spain. Located at an altitude of about 100 meters, the street was closed 14 years ago because it was considered dangerous and had eaten five victims of tourists.

According to, it was originally opened in 1905 with the line along 3 km and a width not more than 1 metre. Over the years, all parts of the road disappear and now it became famous as the most horror path in the world.

Destination, Travel Ideas

In the last decade, the local government has gather funds of AUS $ 3.360.000 to fix Caminito del Rey with many fence. The trail has also been safe because it is associated with the steel bolt for the sake of the safety of visitors.

Local Government has reopened the line. Many of adventures lovers rushed to go, they do not wanna miss the opportunities that such adrenaline. According to the local media about 30,000 tourists have been chasing down tickets to walk the plank on the heights.

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